A Personal Training program is useful and
beneficial for many people for many reasons.

Those who are just embarking on a fitness regime can find training extremely valuable, and, as well, those individuals who are disciplined athletes!Now, more popular than ever, are exercise programs designed for individuals with specific injuries and chronic physical disorders. This type of specialty training enables the client to work to improve their physical limitations while conditioning the body as a whole. Following are a few of the personal training programs offered at Personally Fit:

General Conditioning Program
This program is ideal for the individual who has never been in a structured exercise program or lacks the knowledge to take their fitness to the next level. Personal fitness training is a motivating and rewarding experience that makes optimal fitness achievable by all participants. After an initial evaluation and goal setting session you will gradually work toward achieving your goals at both a comfortable and challenging level.

Sports Enhancement Program
This program is designed for the individual who has a desire to improve their tennis, golf or any other sporting activity while addressing specific injury prevention and/or rehabilitative needs. Sport specific exercises in addition to total body conditioning is the name of the game with these exciting programs. Even professionals realize that a properly designed exercise regimen can greatly improve their game and bring them to the next level of competition...why don't you?

Healthy Back Program
More than 40 million Americans suffer from back pain at one time or another. Most of these conditions can be treated by proper stretching and strengthening exercises which create muscular-skeletal balance. Each training session for a healthy back will involve strengthening weakened muscles, stretching tightened muscular areas, site specific massage therapy, and balance conditioning for improving everyday functional activities.

Post Injury Therapy & Special Needs Conditioning
Continuing your injury reconditioning program after you have completed your physical therapy sessions is essential for prevention of a repeat injury. If you have had injuries of the shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle or if you suffer from chronic disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease or the like, reconditioning programs will help you safely proceed with a strength and functional exercise regimen. This program will focus on the areas of diminished capacity so that you can get back into your sport as quickly as possible or simply enable you to enjoy the basics in life without constant pain or discomfort!